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I work in all areas of the ENT field and as with most ENT specialists spend much of my operating time removing tonsils and adenoids and inserting grommets. I also have special interests in middle ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and have had great success with diagnosing and treating painful conditions of the ear as well as vertigo conditions. More recently exciting improvements had been made with the improvement of implantable hearing devices and I expect this to form a growing part of my practice.

Having qualified with my medical MBChB degree at UCT I worked further in fields of pediatrics, respiratory medicine and cardiology and radiology at Red Cross Children’s hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital before commencing training in ENT at Tygerberg hospital through the University of Stellenbosch. Tygerberg hospital is well grounded in surgery of the ear, head and neck surgery, and has a long established endoscopic sinus surgery unit.

Since qualification I have travelled to attend surgical clinics in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and have attended many courses and congresses presented in South Africa under the supervision of world authorities.

The field of ENT has advanced greatly since the last millennium. Endoscopic sinus surgery has evolved with the image of the operating field now projected onto a high definition screen, rather than the surgeon looking directly through the endoscope. This improves visibility enormously and increases safety. It has always been my practice to choose patients for sinus surgery carefully. Not all patients with sinus symptoms will benefit from surgery and experience is important when making decisions in this regard. Many patients have their symptoms alleviated by appropriate medication. Regular attendance of refresher courses and surgical skill workshops has been vital to stay abreast of developments in both the medical and surgical side of management of diseases of the nose and sinuses.

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Middle ear surgery principles have been well established since the advent of the operating microscope in the 1960s. Significant advances have been made with regards to achieving lasting hearing improvement and this has become the goal of all ear operations. The endoscope is now also used in many forms of middle ear surgery but has yet to achieve as reliable and safe results as with the operating microscope. The long hours that I spent in the temporal bone laboratory at Tygerberg Hospital have stood me in good stead with the various complicated middle ear operations that we frequently perform as ENT surgeons. Cochlear implantation for profound deafness has become a more commonly performed procedure than in the past, however patients are usually referred to major center’s for this. Major growth is happening currently in the field of implantable hearing devices for moderate and unilateral deafness and this technology is now available in East London.

Tonsillectomy has been around for over two thousand years and although surgical techniques have evolved it remains a painful operation to recover from irrespective of which method is used. It is my practice to use the method that is the most appropriate for you and which has the lowest complication rate. If you undergo this operation we will supply you with the best pain relieving medication that is available and you will recover. Tonsillectomy remains the most successful operation that we perform. Without your tonsils you will not get tonsillitis again.

For more information on ENT matters such as Grommet insertion please refer to the section FAQs.

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